MED-InA general objective is to contribute to guarantee a healthy living environment for Mediteranean cities and comunities based on:

  1. Developing and rolling out a methodology for a “Zero Waste” policy that galvanizes citizen-centered waste reduction, reuse, and recycling in Mediterranean Basin Cities;
  2. Reducing municipal waste generation and limiting the quantity of waste sent to landfill and/or incinerated;
  3. Capturing information and resources for circular leveraging through entrepreneurial coopetition

Expected results are shown below:

  • 1 decision support tool on Zero Waste public policies
  • 3 Integrated Municipal Waste Management Plans including both organic and plastic waste sorting and treatment solutions
  • 3 capacity-building plans and training programs for municipal staffs and elected members
  • 15 local awareness-raising campaigns on the Zero Waste approach
  • 3,000 households using new services and equipment for sorting at source, recycling, reusing and composting
  • 12 startups selected and supported to create businesses in the circular economy sector
  • 2,400 low-cost equipment and services set up for sorting at source and implementing decentralized composting


A video with a summary of MED-InA project results is available below:

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